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              Athens is a great city to live in, but like all large cities it can be a bit confusing and impersonal at first.  If you are considering a trip to Athens, or are new to the city, or are just curious about current events and life in Greece's capital then you have reached the right spot! This web site is full of information on Athens for travellers, residents, the omogeneia, and anyone who loves Greece.

It would be hard to ignore the fact that Greece has been in the forefront of international news lately due to the economic crisis here. Unfortunately, the foreign press hasn't always shown this country in its best light, and many would be visitors have been somewhat put off by the thought of riots, strikes and general unrest, especially here in Athens. However, Greece continues to be a welcoming, friendly country that appreciates its visitors and should not be struck off anyone's trip agenda. The sights (and sites) of Athens are completely unique and unrivalled anywhere in the world, so don't be tempted to give them a miss due to often exaggerated reporting!

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